This post is for women who want to name people who are rapists, child molesters, and abusers. Please feel free to post as many details as possible and call these predators out!

Disclaimer: These are all allegations that I have no proof of. I am simply creating a space for victims to feel heard.

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  1. I was raped by a man who is married to a detective. I will name him soon but this happened in Chicago and he knows exactly what he did. He tried to pretend to be drunk but he knew what he was doing. This happened 14 months ago. I’m still angry.

    • My abusers name is Von Alexander Tiye Kennedy. He statutory raped me repeatedly. He is a groomer and abuser. He lives around the Metro Atlanta Area.

  2. Nahbi Comrie he is in Mandeville, Jamaica but he sometimes works illegally in Arizona and Florida call ICE if you need too. Instagram name is nahbi_inc. This monster is a serial rapist he purposefully gave me Herpes when he rapped me and tried to get me pregnant he done this to countless victims. He has 5 baby mothers that I know of that he hid from me but he only posts one baby mom as the face of his demonic satanic life that he tries to seem as perfect. My second rapist/abuser is named Victor Umunze, he is Nigerian and resides in Northern California. He stealthed me (he took off the condom)and got me pregnant on purpose, you can find him on Instagram is smilingboy313. He is also on LinkedIn with the same name. Do as you wish this information

  3. I was raped by someone I trusted. He was my friend at the time. I barely drank that night, and I felt weird and had no control over my body, so I’m pretty sure he put something in my drink. On top of that he denied it, until I remembered more of what happened that night and confronted him. He claims he thought it was consensual but I told him no and to stop multiple times and he didn’t! He forced himself on top me and didn’t use a condom!!! I’m not a sexual person. Before that happened I only had one boyfriend and only had sex with one guy. I don’t like sex, it’s painful and uncomfortable and does nothing for me. He could’ve given me stds!!! I have never had sex without a condom and I am still utterly disgusted. God knows how many women he’s done this to. He used to be friends with a guy well known for preying on young and underaged girls,luring them with gifts and money. His Instagram is theroyl. I’ve tried to gain closure from this but I cannot. I haven’t told anyone what he did to me. I have not even told my therapist. It’s sick that he gets to live his life, living off his rich wife, and still cheats on her, while hooking up with women. His full name is Roy Lockhart. He’s on Facebook also.
    I’ve had nightmares for years because of this man. I feel uncomfortable even talking to men.

  4. Abbas Hamade Edison, NJ. guyvtried to unzip my pants and finger me even though I said NO a bunch of times. He also harassed me for a year or two in a stalker way(creating other accounts to get in touch with me, calling me from others’ phones, getting in contact with my friend,) Beware ladies, this guy doesn’t understand the word NO. He’s a liar too makes up shit.

  5. Gerald Butterfield. From NJ (Carteret or Asbury) but lives (or lived) in Waterbury, Connecticut. Guy is the definition of piece of crap, narcissistic loser, bum ass dusty!!! Doesn’t understand the word no, used sexual coercion, and stealthed me. Lied, manipulate afterwards.

  6. Kevin Jones Detroit raped nieces and nephews. I’m one of the nieces.

    Kenneth Griggs is in prison in California. He raped his nieces in Detroit.

    Richard Griggs raped his sister in Detroit. His mother did nothing even after her daughter begged for a lock for her bedroom door.

    James Page raped his little nephew.

    All of these men are brothers and their mother said the victims were at fault.

  7. First off I want to thank you Sunshine for providing a space for women like me to call out these animals that need to be taken out of society. I thought I would never get a chance to bring my perpetrators name to light and now I finally can and his name will forever be imprinted in cyberspace. The predator that raped me was Samuel Eke. He is Nigerian and I met him in Louisiana while I was living there. Met him on a dating site. He was on a Visa here in America to try and find a job or whatever so he could stay here. Thank god that never happened. He raped me on the night of our first date in a hotel in Shreveport. I forget what it was called but a casino was connected to it. (i was very naive and should not have been out late with a man I had just met. I realize this now). I remember he brought up that he was trying to get married and I refused him because 1) I didn’t know him and that was creepy and 2) he wasn’t American. So he was obviously trying to gain citizenship through that route. Ugh it’s embarrassing recounting this but anyway, last time I checked he was in Australia. I have no idea where he is now. He had tried to get in contact with me several times (he’s a stalker) after I stopped talking to him through different unknown numbers. He is 5’7” and usually wears a close cut like a Caesar with a little facial hair. He has a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook profile. Feel free to call ICE or whoever exists in Australia to lock him up. He is definitely a threat to all women and I’m almost sure I’m not the only woman he’s assaulted.

  8. Hey ladies. I appreciate Sunshine letting us share our stories. NHL is great and safe space to out these ugly and nasty monsters.

    Here is mine. I was molested as a child when I was around 7 or 8 yrs old. My perpetrator is a pervert and child molester. His name is Emmanuel Jada. He’s South Sudanese and Egyptian. He was a family friend of mine. His mom was friend with my mother. He molested and coerced me to touch him a couple times. He told to me to be quiet or else I’ll get in trouble. I was a shy, quiet kid who didn’t want get myself in trouble. So I didn’t have a voice to speak my discomfort and violation. I afraid of telling my parents because of their reaction.

    That I told my school teacher. My teacher reported to the authorities. They had my parents and I go to file an official report. When my parents and I had privacy to discuss my sexual assault (SA) My mother literally told me that it never happen, had me lie to the authorities, and drop my SA case. After that response from my mother, I lost respect for her and never share any real intimate connection with her.

    A few years later, my child molester is married now! WTF. I told my mother about his marriage. I mention my SA to her. She literally denies and brush it under the rug from this day on. I just sad, frustrated, and disgusted that this man can molest children, like me, and get away with it and be married.

  9. Rene Aguiar, a drum n bass/dubstep Dj from West Palm Beach, FL who went by the name of The Reazin. Lives somewhere along East coast now. He was very abusive and a year later, after throwing a dresser drawer at me I created an escape plan. I left, 6 months later he kidnapped me out of the back of Respectables Street Cafe Nightclub in West Palm Beach. Literally pulled me out by one hand while I was looking down texting. That door led directly into an empty dark back ally. There was no one around. He threw me in the car, said he just wanted me to hear his new song, jumped in faster than lighting, and reversed before I could stream. He raced off blowing through all stop signs, stop lights, threatened lethality, jerking the wheel while doing 90+miles per hour, pulled into his parents home, told me to get the fuck inside. I didn’t know what else to do. He raped the shit out of me. I woke up to my phone in pieces, heard him in the bathroom. I’m in a complete panic, grabbed the pieces of my phone, my clothes, throwing on a shirt while I quiet as a mouse opened his bedroom door, ran to and out the front door leaving it open. I ran bare foot and pant less across at least 7 neighbors front yards where I saw no one and just kept running towards town. I got to a brand new gas station in the corner and hid behind the gas pump. The gas station was closed, no one in sight. While hiding, reconstructed my phone and called a Veteran Friend who said “I’m on my way, I’m coming with the gun this time.”
    A second later I heard his red, Ford Explorer creeping up the street. I remember because I’ll never forget the sound of his Explorers squeaky truck shocks. I continued to hide, trying to make myself one with the gas pump, while maneuvering around it as he made a right in front of me. He turned the corner, my friends pulled up. I was lucky to live that day. Most certain he was going to throw me in the Everglades next.

  10. James G Meza he’s lives in Lodi NJ. he was talking to me when I was underage. I was in high school at the time and he was in college (Like a junior or senior) looking back on it, I’m sick 😷 I can’t believe I had sex with a grown man when I was so young. Ladies, there’s a bunch of red flags with this guy but, he has a thing for younger girls (underage high school girl) I’m not the only underage girl he’s fucked.

  11. Peace sister I was raped in downtown Seattle Washington August 23rd 2021 by Lamin Touray a Gambian National who’s married with two children and is in the US Navy I did report him but to no avail

  12. Reggie Hicks raped me in my childhood home in Alexandria, VA. I was 11 years old and he was 19, a senior at TC Williams high school in Alexandria. He cut off my air while pulling off my pants. The pain was like nothing I could have ever imagined. He made me wear his huge class ring for months after that making sure no other boy looked my way. He scarred me for life. Now, I’m coming for his.

  13. Tag-Team Child molesters in the South.
    Darnell Ross and Amos Ross. They prey on children. They are brothers, born and raised in Selma, Alabama. Their mother Helen Ross has passed away. Their youngest brother Herny Ross was murdered this year, also known to attempt to molest. There is also another brother named Miguel Ross and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has victims as well.

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